What We Do

Details of our Services:

The 4 Domains of Leadership Strength 



Relationship Building

Strategic Thinking


Our Core Principles:   


Dr. K Specializes in addressing the following:

​​Impact Coaching and Leadership Performance Enhancement:


 Can you Relate to any of these?

Need to increase self-awareness.

Being Proactive and less reactive 

 Struggle to self-regulate one's emotions.

Tend to blame others or circumstances.

Describes oneself as being  stuck in a rut.

On a team that is in conflict and lacks collaboration


Learn to Think Like a Leader. Get The "Thinking Big" View of your Job. Discover why Thinking Power is more Important than Intelligence. Learn the Four Rules of Leadership. Improve your Emotionally Intelligent. 

Assessments & Programs Offered:

Strength Finders

Strength Based Leadership

Leading with Emotional Intelligence

Workplace Emotional Wellness

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Team Dynamics

Executive Coaching

Performance Enhancement

​Employee Engagement Surveys

Corporate Programs

In addition to  coaching individuals, we also provide coaching for management and  leadership teams, employee engagement and managing different cultures.

Let Us Help Build a Strong Team

Do you want your team to communicate more effectively across generations?

Do you desire them to be empathetic, happier, motivated and more energized? 

Is employee engagement a concern for you?

We can help your team to accomplish these goals through our interactive workshops on Emotional Wellness.

70 % of employees are either actively 

disengaged or not engaged. Only 30% 

of employees are actively engaged

(Gallop Poll, 2012).

Do you currently have a diverse workforce?

Let us help you coach your managers to work harmoniously with different cultures and improve communication.

Understanding  the different personalities of your team brings about more  collaboration, we administer personality assessments to help your team  better understand themselves as well as their peers.


Transformational Life Strategies for Women:

Are you struggling with:

Issues with Self-Esteem/Self-Worth/Unworthiness/Self Love 


Feeling Stuck/Overwhelmed  

Managing daily Stress with Business/ Personal Life or Career 


Build Confidence and Conquer  Fear. Train your Mind to Produce Positive Thoughts. Get Big Results by Believing Big . Develop Creative Powers by Believing it Can be Done. Stretch Your Thinking and Stimulate Your Mind. Make Money by Getting the "Put-Service-First" Attitude.   Grow the "You Are Important" Attitude.