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Dr. Kappel is a global, purpose driven inspirational Speaker & Transformational Coach. She helps you to  go to the next level. She is results oriented, dedicated and passionate about helping you achieve your desired outcome in your personal life, career and relationship.

She specializes in working with Women and professionals helping them  find their purpose, get unstuck, build confidence, destroy fear, disrupt aging and become the best version of themselves.



This is what past clients are saying..........


Dear Dr. K
"Today I stand confident and I owe it all to you. God has impeccable timing because He has placed you in my life when I needed someone the most. Since our Transformation/Life coaching sessions, I have been transitioning mentally, spiritually and physically. I have been transforming in ways I never thought possible. You are an awesome teacher. You have thought the importance of gratitude, forgiveness, self love and accepting who and where you are in life. Like the old saying: ” When life hands you lemons; make lemonade”. Who said Angels don't exist? To me, you are more than just Dr. K, friend or life coach. You are my “Angel”. You have saved me and for this, I am eternally grateful. May God continue to bless you so that you can be a blessing to others. Peace and Love always"
Heather H. ( Carrollton,Texas)

I had the privilege to experience group coaching sessions with you over a period of ninety days with the group  tele-seminar transformation/life coaching program. I must admit how much it has helped me in my professional life, with business strategy and also socially. I have learned among other things, time management, boosting of my self confidence and the ability to be patient when dealing with certain situation and personalities. I thank you for the opportunity of that experience and will certainly take all   the knowledge I received from you, knowing I am now a better and more equipped individual who can  make a difference in the lives of others that I will come into contact with along  this journey call life.
I hope you continue making the positive difference in people's life with the great talent you have been blessed with.
Congratulations on the excellent job you are doing. Thank you Dr. K
Marlene Andrews, Marshall of the Parliament (Trinidad & Tobago)

When I heard about the 21 day Transformation Coaching Tele-Seminar, I was very excited because I was at a point in my life where I wanted to do something different.  I was tired of doing the same old thing yet, expecting a different result. This Transformation Coaching Program gave me the desired outcome and got me unstuck. I also got new business strategies to move forward. Thank you Dr. K for holding me  accountable.
Ann E, New York

Dear Dr. K
"Dr. Kappel was a guiding light for me in a time I felt directionless. She is nonjudgmental and kind in her guidance. She speaks truth and it reverberates in a way that allows for the seed that has been planted to take root and prosper. She's graceful in her approach  and has a loving touch. Dr. Kappel is a vessel for great works. I'm so grateful to have been led her way in my time of need. Thank you for the Transformation received through your Life Coaching.
K. R. (Dallas, TX)

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